Sitecore blog posts listing 2022

Hi there, in this blog post, i’m listing all my blog posts for this year !

29/11/2022 : Multi upload file in Sitecore forms

In this blog post, i explain how to extend sitecore forms module with giving the possibility to upload multiple files.

14/09/2022 : Customize Sitecore batch upload dialog box

How to override a dialog box in Sitecore, batch upload as an example.

26/08/2022 : How to track deleting items on Sitecore

How to catch each page deleting and store item information in a custom database.

14/04/2022 : Disable SXA partial design rendering according to the request origin

How to render Sitecore SXA websites without header and footer to be displayed as webview on mobile application.

19/03/2022 : The end of Sitecore Fast Query ?

Use of Sitecore fast query after sitecore 10.1 release and alternatives.

15/03/2022 : Sitecore SXA Custom Layout

To have more flexibility to manage assets loading on the page for SEO/web performances needs like defer/async javascripts loading or to have possibility to add form in a popup on all pages, etc…. we need to create a custom layout on Sitecore SXA (Sitecore Experience Accelerator).

13/03/2022 : Windows 2016 deprecation on Azure DevOps and impact on Sitecore CI/CD pipelines

Windows 2016 hosted runners have been removed from GitHub actions and Azure DevOps on March 15, 2022 initially and postponed until June 30, 2022. Removing Windows 2016 had a direct impact on all CI/CD pipelines using this environment and especially Sitecore. how to adapt CI/CD using cake for Sitecore ?

12/03/2022 : How to get sitecore media item by a public URL ?

How to expose sitecore media informations (public URL, title, size, thumbnail, etc..) to a third party. in my case, informations will be used in a mobile application.

10/03/2022 : Unlock items in Sitecore

Sometimes we need to force the unlock because for example the person who locked the item is not present. hear, a script powershell to force unlocking sitecore items

07/03/2022 : Sitecore suggested test index is blocking indexation

sitecore_suggested_test_index is blocking all indexations taks, how to resolve that.

07/03/2022 : Icons not appearing on Sitecore Experience Editor

In this blog post, i explained how to fix icons not appearing on Sitecore Experience Editor. it was an issue that i faced and wanted to share how i fixed it it with the community.

03/03/2022 : Translate items with Powershell for Sitecore

In this blog post, i shared a Powershell sitecore script that helps developers to copy data from language to another for an item and its descendants. it is very pratical to use it when we want to create many versions of language of a tree of items and copy to it a huge content.

25/02/2022 : Sitecore indexes for distinct environments in Azure Search

For cost reasons, it is not always possible to have azure search service per environement. For example, if you have dev, quality, preproduction and production environements, you should have 4 azure search service, ) It can be very expensive.

So, i gived a solution to share the same azure service within many environements using a prefix in naming of indexes and with playing with CloudSearchProviderIndex.

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